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Based on 472 reviews
Amazing results

I bought a pillow slip for my son and his acne rash disappeared within a week!

Thanks for your feedback, Nicole. We're glad you're seeing changes on your son's skin. Cheers. :)

I bought this for my daughter only had silvi just over 2 weeks and can see such a difference in her skin. So happy to have made this purchase

Thanks for your review, Lee. We're glad that you're happy with your purchase! :)

Best pillowcases!

I’ve had these pillowcases for about 1 week now and they are so good! So smooth and comfortable to sleep on. Will find out soon if they are good for my skin or not.

Thanks for your feedback, Nicholas. We're glad you liked our pillowcases. :)


Helped my skin and hair so much, made my hair silky and made my skin feel less oily when I wake up.

Thanks for your review, Lily. We appreciate it. :)


I love these pillowcases. And the whole ordering and delivery process was seamless. Thank you

Thanks so much, Jane for your review. Cheers!

Excellent results so far !!

Beyond happy with the purchase. I am having great sleeps and it is assisting me as I heal my acne prone skin.

Thanks for your feedback, Haylee. We're glad that you're seeing changes on your skin. :)

Great quality!

Really happy with this investment. Lovely quality with good wash and wear!

We're glad you're happy with the pillow case! Enjoy! :)

A Gift to really make someone smile!!

My mum was genuinely so pleased to get a Silvi pillowcase for Mothers Day, the benefits of a silk pillowcase are never ending and already her sleep and breathing at night has improved!! So silky smooth and just beautiful to sleep on!!

Thanks Alex for your review! We're glad to be part of your Mother's Day celebration. Cheers! :)

Beautiful Quality

My daughter suffers from acne. She has been using them for a week. Have everything crossed this will help her. Have tried almost everything

Thanks for your feedback, Helen. :)

Silky Goodness

Love them. Such a dream to sleep on!

Thank you so much for your review, Lauren. We're glad that it has changed your sleeping routine. Enjoy your Silvi! :)

Wish the darker colour was out when I purchased

The product is lovely, I just hate the white. It discolours.

Love it !

Loving my new Silvi pillow case. It’s so cool and comfortable to sleep on 👏🏼 I’m hoping it does wonders for my blemishes too !

Thanks for your feedback, Kasey! Cheers! :)

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case

Charcoal Pillow

Can feel the difference in the quality between cotton pillowcases and these ones! They feel incredible from the first touch and are so comfortable to sleep on. Definitely opened my eyes finding these. Am so excited for the bed sheets to be announced 🥰

Thank you so much for this, Shenia! Yes, sheets will be out really soon! Watch out for further announcements from us. :)

Well worth it!

Silvi's benefits to my skin, coupled with incredible comfort has got me hooked!

Thank you so much for your feedback, Jess! Enjoy your Silvi! :)

Just try it !

Just try it ! ...That's what I thought to myself when looking at the pillow cases. So glad I did !
After one then came another set for my sister and her partner and then of course another set for my son. I treat the pillow cases like Gold. 👍
So far so good !

Thanks, Sharon for your awesome review! We're glad to know that you're happy with your pillowcases. :)

Great quality

Came quickly, excellent quality, my son loves the feel and I can see a brightness in his skin after just three weeks.

Thank you so much for your review, Kelllie. Cheers! :)

Worth the money!

Love the smooth silk fabric. I have better sleep thanks to this pillow case. Highly recommended. Looking forward for the new collections.

Hi Erwin, thank you so much for your review. New products will be out soon so, watch out for further updates from us. Cheers! :)

Love it

I thought being white, the light would not get blocked out.
But I was wrong, and it actually works fantastically and is so super soft!

This great news, Kate! Thank you for your feedback on your purchase. Cheers!

Silvi pillow case

I haven’t noticed any improvement in my skin yet. Very comfortable to sleep on though

Thanks for your review, Kayleigh. Hoping to hear from you again soon if you have noticed any changes on your skin. :)


This pillow case is so soft and is such good quality. It washes really nicely while also staying soft. I was given this pillow in attempt to bring back some moisture in my face and might I say it not only did that but it also is helping my ache so much. I’ve only been using it for a week or two and I already see such a difference. The shipping was also extremely fast and I got the product undammaged and it came in a cute box! Very pleased with the product and the rest of my family hopes to get them!

Thank you so much for your review, Kendall! We're glad that you're happy with your purchase and seeing some changes on your skin. Cheers to you and stay safe! :)

The pillow case is beautiful to sleep on,,, as smooth as silk! My skin tone is definitely more even, still a couple of irritations on my skin but definitely happy with my purchase.

Thank you so much for this, Kathryn! We're happy that you're seeing changes on your skin. :)


Pillow cases is improving with skin acne from
Months of wearing masks during Covid from work . Makes you feel good and confident before I was very embarrassed with my skin . With chemical free way it’s awesome thank you for creating fantastic product which helps us bring back our smiles

Thank you so much for your review, Gabriella. We're glad that you're happy with your pillowcases. :)

It actually works!

didn’t have very high hopes for this product as most products purchased from Instagram are usually useless but this has changed my skin dramatically! I no longer wake up with oily congested skin instead I wake up with fresh, clean, clear skin and it’s only taken 2 weeks to see this amazing change! I’m beyond impressed! Thank you Silvi ❤️

Thanks for your feedback, Marlie. We're gald to know that you're seeing changes on your skin! :)